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The Cementery

This place is very important not only because it's very colorful, but also for
its symbolism and because of the ceremonies that are performed. Here the
graves are painted in bright colors because death is not the end but only a
step. All colors in the cemetery have a meaning; white, symbol of purity,
is used to bury the fathers, turquoise, symbol of protection, is used for
the mothers, light blue and pink are for young children, and yellow, that
symbolizes the gift of the sun for humanity is used for the grandparents.

Here the beliefs and traditions of coexisting with the ancestors are
practiced. In the center of the cemetery you can find a Mayan sanctuary
where you can regularly observe traditional ceremonies and offerings to
the ancestors, but the most special days to visit are the 1st and 2nd of
November for the celebration of All Saints and All Souls when graves are
specially decorated, special ceremonies are performed and kites are flown.
It's open from 07-17 hours.