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Market (thursdays and sundays)

This open-air market is the most colorful in the country and definitely the most pinturesque.

The Indians arrive from far off villages the afternoon and evening before market days to set up. Tiny bright colored figures bent under their towering loads can be seen zigzagging down mountains trails. They carry loads of textiles, woolen blankets, huge pots and heavy bags of red chile and tomatoes as well as flowers, fruits, vegetables, condiments and medicinal herbs.

Those who live nearby pitch tents on the locations they have retained for years. By ten o'clock the market is in full swing in a rainbow of color. Also offered are carved wooden masks, ceramics and an enormous selection of colorful textiles. This market is no only for the tourists. It is the regional market for trade between the Mayan villages of the highlands. Do not be surprised to hear fireworks going off at any time of day or night.