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Dance of the children

Guatemala is a multicultural country, where different ethnic groups,
descendants of the Mayan Civilization have a very rich culture which
includes dances that preserve original Native elements and also elements
of Hispanic origin brought by the conquerors that together have mixed to
create a new artistic and cultural expression.

These dances and their costumes also have religious and ritual connotations
full of symbolism and meaning. If you want to know more, you are invited
to visit the Hotel at night, as during dinner, neighborhood children are given
the opportunity to make a very special presentation where mythology and
history behind the typical and traditional costumes of Chichicastenango are

This is one of the many ways Hotel Museum Mayan Inn supports the local
community to preserve their traditions. For information on dates and times
please ask in the office.


Visit of the artisan

Artisans from the community come to the Hotel to give a demonstration of
how they work ceramic or wood pieces, giving the opportunity for visitors to
interact with them and make their own piece. Check prices and schedules
directly at the office.


Gastronomic Tour

The idea comes from our interest in preserving and promoting precious
elements of our culinary heritage; such as ancient techniques of preparation,
amazing ingredients, the source of our recipes, and related cultural aspects.
During this special activity, guests will have the opportunity to learn how
to cook a Guatemalan recipe in a historical place, with equipment and
implements unique in its kind that date from colonial times; all of this with
the support of a Local Chef with over 50 years of experience. The activity
ends with a meal in which participants can taste what they have prepared..